Frequently Asked Questions

Will my GPA be lower if I am in the Honors Academy?
It is possible that your GPA will be lower than that of students outside the Honors Academy due to the rigor of the courses. However, colleges typically would rather accept a student with a slightly lower GPA and numerous honors and AP courses than a student who has taken much easier classes throughout high school. In addition, students receive an additional 3 points added to their average in Honors courses and 6 points added to their average in AP courses due to the rigor of the curriculum.

Will I have time for a social life?
Many Honors Academy students maintain their academic schedules and work, while still participating in extracurricular activities such as band, ROTC, and sports.

What if the work in the Honors Academy is too difficult for me?
Honors Academy teachers monitor students continuously to offer academic support and scaffolding of academics as needed. They offer individual attention to ensure that every student is successful.

What if I am interested in a science, engineering, or mathematics degree?
Most universities that specialize in science, engineering, or mathematics recommend that a student take the most rigorous academic courses offered by his/her high school.

What if I do well in English and Social Studies, but I struggle in science and math?
Because class sizes in the Honors Academy are limited, teachers get to know each student's strengths and weaknesses. Teachers meet weekly to discuss ways to help struggling learners, regardless of the area of difficulty. In addition, teachers hold regular office hours and tutoring sessions as needed. The motto of the Honors Academy teachers is "Push With Support".

What if my grades were not good in 7th grade, but improved in the 8th grade?
One poor grading period will not necessarily keep a student from gaining acceptance; however, a history of poor grades, even with excellent Georgia Milestones scores, may limit a student’s chances of acceptance. Dedication to academics, such as homework completion, is a prerequisite for Honors Academy students.

What if I am not sure what major I want to pursue in college, why should I take more challenging classes in high school?
The Honors Academy’s purpose is to provide a strong liberal arts education to its students. Because we do not specialize in any particular subject our students gain a solid academic foundation in every content area, making them more appealing to colleges and universities. We believe students often need the most academic challenge in the subject areas were they feel weakest. Perhaps the quotation from Yale College explains it best…“Yale is committed to the idea of a liberal arts education through which students think and learn across disciplines, literally liberating or freeing the mind to its fullest potential. The essence of such an education is not what you study but the result – gaining the ability to think critically and independently and to write, reason, and communicate clearly – the foundation for all professions.”